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Trade Show Staffing

Trade Show Staffing at Its Best

Our Trade Show Staffing Services Enhance the Attendee Experience

A trade show is a great way to make a lasting impression with your target audience, create opportunities for face-to-face marketing, and get direct sales. That is, if you know how to do them right. Using a trade show hostess to staff your booth is a surefire way to get the energetic and friendly presence your company needs to bring visitors in, and get them to stay.

Setting up an incredible booth with an awesome layout filled with eye-catching images and interesting items is a great start. But leaving consumers to walk themselves through your booth and figure out your company’s product and promise on their own won’t yield the powerful results that are possible.

A trade show hostess can make the difference. Trade show hostesses greet everyone who enters or passes by your booth with a welcoming reception. They will spark the interest of consumers, engage with them, and bring the products and services that you are promoting to life. Instead of letting consumers navigate through your booth and determine what your business is really all about, trade show models will interact and communicate with consumers, educating them and deepening their interest in what you have to offer. Professional and engaging trade show models are the surest way to show consumers how the products or services that you offer can make a difference.

At The Iconic Promotions Agency, we hand-select our trade show models, ensuring that they are highly qualified to serve as the best brand ambassadors for your business. Our models are attractive, knowledgeable on your product and brand and have mega-watt personalities so they are able to really relate to your audience.

The trade show hostesses at The Iconic Promotions Agency are multi-lingual and have the ability to interact and engage with any audience. They are adept at sparking interest in your trade show booth, ushering in a larger crowd than you could have ever imagined. From friendly greetings to exceptional demonstrations, they know how to drive the sales of your products or services with their warm and engaging personalities. Customers who experience this connection will remember your brand long after the event is over.

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