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Need a Street Team for your Next Promotion? - The Iconic Agency

Need a Street Team for your Next Promotion?

Street Promotions by The Iconic Promotions Agency

If you want to really get the word out about your brand or product, you need to take it to the street! Let the highly experienced staff at The Iconic Promotions Agency take the guesswork out of your bottom-up approach by providing analysis and guidance on the most promising markets, highest-visibility locations, and best bets for big numbers. We’ll help you identify exactly where to set up for the most traffic and work with you to design a promotional event that raises brand awareness and puts your product right into the hands of potential customers. Our charismatic and attractive brand ambassadors make it their mission to draw a crowd and engage passersby with their friendly confidence and, of course, your product. It’s a grassroots approach that is as effective as it is appealing, and there is no better way to get your brand noticed. The talent at The Iconic Promotions Agency is available for engagements anywhere in the country, and we use models who have been thoroughly trained to represent your brand with knowledge and enthusiasm.

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