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Secret Shoppers by The Iconic Marketing and Promotions

Secret shoppers are the secret ingredient to making the most of your promotional events and campaigns. Companies in the know use secret shoppers to track sales, monitor marketing performance and take stock of audience perceptions around their products. And companies on the cutting edge use The Iconic Promotions Agency. The Iconic Promotions Agency trains our staff to the highest standard in the industry, and carefully collects and analyzes data surrounding your events and campaigns to keep your promotions on track and always improving. Our secret shopper services help you evaluate your customer’s experiences both with your brand and your competitors’. We send our carefully selected, secret shoppers into your trade shows, special events, in store demos, liquor activations, media campaign or any other promotional event in any U.S. market. Let The Iconic Promotions Agency bring you essential market research and analysis with our experienced cadre of secret shoppers.

We empower customer-centric brands to deliver consistent, intentional and authentic consumer experiences in pursuit of satisfaction, loyalty and revenue.

We’re here to help you achieve your customer experience potential. Contact us for your Secret Shopping needs!