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On Campus Marketing by Iconic Marketing and Promotions

We’re smart when it comes to college kids and how to promote your product to them on campus. The Iconic Promotions Agency creates innovative events and targeted promotions that generate buzz at both private colleges and state universities. From fashion shows to fundraisers, we track all the data for you so you can see just how effective your marketing campaigns have been. For employers, we help build and feature your brand in a way that thousands of students will aspire to and connect with. For consumer-focused companies, our brand ambassadors and spokesmodels represent your product and lifestyle in a way that resonates with undergrads. The Iconic Promotions Agency works with you to develop a tailored approach that accounts for student schedules and traffic, and makes smart use of social media and face-to-face interaction. Consumer habits are not yet set for college kids. So don’t wait. Let The Iconic Promotions Agency give you the “in” to be in the top of your class.

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