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Liquor Promotions by The Iconic Marketing and Promotions

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Liquor Promotions by The Iconic Marketing and Promotions

The Iconic Promotions Agency is one of the liquor industry’s go-to live marketing firms. And for good reason: we go beyond promoting your product to making real connections with your target audience. We’ve gotten results for liquor clients including some of the biggest names in the business: Sky Vodka, Patron, Smirnoff, Wild Turkey and Ciroc. We do it by providing the top talent in the promotional modeling industry, and by understanding exactly what your liquor brand promise is and how to embody it. Our models are trained to the highest standard in the industry, acting as brand ambassadors and not just product pushers. Our liquor partners love us because our models are more than pretty faces. They are knowledgeable, confident and charismatic—able to explain the distilling process as they pour a shot and flavor notes while they shake up a cocktail. Let the promotional models from The Iconic Promotions Agency intoxicate your audience with their flawless liquor promotion services.

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