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Brand Ambassadors by The Iconic Promotions Agency Marketing and Promo

Passionate Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors that create an emotional connection with your brand

You have an opportunity with every promotional event: to wow, to impress, to make a first impression that turns consumers into customers. There’s one sure way to achieve this: Using brand ambassadors at your event ensures people are engaged and interested, informed and inspired. Brand ambassadors know how to seize those key in-person opportunities and turn the curious into clients.

Brand ambassadors bring life to your brand and build your business’s credibility. From generating interest in your company to offering valuable insight and information about your products and services, brand ambassadors create that marketing sweet spot: a space for you to connect with your customers and make them feel like they are part of your brand.

The effectiveness of brand ambassadors varies, however. Many promotional staffing agencies can meet your staffing needs—but don’t deliver on the passion. They outsource their staffing or rely on Craigslist to find single-job employees. And you can tell the difference. A promotional event staffed with disengaged Brand Ambassadors that spend more time checking their cell phones than engaging your customers does more harm than good. It is crucial to use an agency that delivers more than pretty faces but knowledgeable staff who can promote your brand and your message.

The Iconic Promotions Agency employs its own staff of highly talented individuals who have the charisma to carry off big events and the knowledge to speak confidently about your products and services. We know that the look and tone of your event is important, so we hand-select the brand ambassadors that will make your event as successful and impactful as possible. Every staff member is fully briefed on the events that they will be working and given details regarding your brand and the products and or services that your company offers, giving them a true understanding of what you and your customers are all about. You’ll appreciate how they infuse each interaction with their outgoing, inviting personalities to ensure that they represent your brand with confidence and care.

First impressions make all the difference. The Iconic Promotions Agency brand ambassadors ensure that your business will make one that excites and engages, and one that lasts!

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