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Bilingual staffing by The Iconic Marketing and Promotions

We Have the Bilingual Staff You Are Looking for!

Whether it’s Spanish, French, Italian or German our Bilingual talent has you covered!

Bilingual staff by The Iconic Marketing and Promotions

Reaching your target audience is essential, and language shouldn’t stand in the way! The Iconic Promotions Agency has bilingual promotional talent that ensures you can communicate your brand to everyone, in any market. We offer bilingual Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German models that can confidently carry off a conversation, demonstration or promotion that will impress. The Iconic Promotions Agency works in every major market in the country, so we know how to speak the lingo—literally. Don’t waste your time searching for bilingual talent, interviewing them and assessing their language skills and marketing chops. Rely on The Iconic Promotions Agency to provide only the most qualified and highly vetted bilingual promotional models in the industry. We train our talent to the highest standard you’ll find, and back them up with a booking team that makes sure your events go off without a hitch. The Iconic Promotions Agency offers high-caliber bilingual talent at the same rate as our English-only models, so you get the look and talent you want at a price point that’s fair.

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