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Beer Promotions by The Iconic Models

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Beer Promotions by the Iconic Marketing and Promotions

There’s nothing quite like cracking open a cold one, and yet beer doesn’t sell itself. The talented promotional models from The Iconic Promotions Agency are at your service when it comes to marketing and promoting your brand’s beer. The Iconic Promotions Agency has worked with Becks, Bud Light, and other brands to expand their reach and make a great impression! With a market that’s grown up way beyond college towns, give your beer the face you want with talented promotional models who know your brand and your market. Our specialized brand ambassadors are trained to the highest standard in the industry and are thoroughly coached before each unique promotional event. Their expertise doesn’t stop at last call: our service includes data logging, event recaps, and swag handouts to make your future marketing even stronger. The Iconic Promotions Agency models know a thing or two about beer—and a lot about selling it to your target audience. Make your next live event a success, and elevate the way you promote your beer with promotional models from The Iconic Promotions Agency.

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